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By Laws


The members desire a loosely knit organization with the emphasis at meetings on content rather than on organizational business and formalities.


Any Arkansas institution of higher education or agency may belong to AIRO; other interested parties may belong to AIRO as non-voting members. The membership list is maintained primarily as a mailing list for notification of meetings.


Meetings are scheduled at least semi-annually and generally will be on the campus of an institution of higher education. Members are encouraged to share responsibility for hosting meetings. Consideration should be given to ensuring that travel distances are somewhat balanced by holding meetings in various areas of the state.


AIRO membership dues are $100 per Arkansas institution or agency per fiscal year; this amount will cover up to three individuals, one of which must be designated as the contact person for that institution or agency. Additional members may be added at the rate of $25 each. The dues that an institution pays will cover the number of individuals only – who those individuals are may be changed at any time by notifying the treasurer. Other interested parties not affiliated with an Arkansas institution or agency may belong to AIRO as non-voting members by paying dues at a rate of $50 per fiscal year per member. ADHE staff and AHECB members are automatically considered non-voting ex officio members and are not required to pay dues.


Officers shall consist of a president, a president elect, a secretary, and a treasurer to be elected annually at the first meeting held after July 1.

Nominations and Elections

The president shall appoint a nominating committee of at least three members. The nominating committee shall present to the first meeting held after July 1 a slate of one or more nominees for each office. Nominations may also be made from the floor. Officers shall assume their duties upon election. Given the appropriate nominations the position of president shall rotate annually between representatives of two-year and four-year institutions when possible.

Duties of Officers

The president's primary responsibility is to coordinate AIRO affairs so as to ensure the continuation of the organization. The president shall arrange the program and preside at organization meetings, appoint meeting hosts for future meetings, appoint ad hoc committees when necessary, and authorize all expenditures of the organization. The president shall also maintain, and pass on to his or her successor, a copy of the current Bylaws. Should a vacancy occur in the office of president, the president elect shall assume the office of president.

The president elect shall perform the duties of the president in the absence of the president.

The secretary shall take and record accurate minutes of the proceeding of all meetings of the organization and the executive committee, shall preserve in a permanent file all records of the organization, and shall notify AIRO members of upcoming organization meetings.

The treasurer shall have charge of all monies of the organization and shall report thereon at all meetings, shall invoice and collect institutional dues, keep a list of names and addresses of all active members, and shall pay all bills upon authorization of the president.

Meeting hosts are responsible for coordinating meeting facilities, any cost associated with a meeting must be agreed upon in advance by the executive committee in order for AIRO to cover the expense. Meeting registration fees will only be charged to individuals, institutions, or agencies that have not paid the annual AIRO dues for the fiscal year.

Executive Committee

The elected officers of the organization shall constitute the executive committee. The executive committee shall have the authority to transact any business between organization meetings to include expenditure of AIRO funds and shall report thereon at the next meeting of the organization. The executive committee shall meet on call by the president, or by any two members of the committee, for the consideration of special matters between regular meetings of the organization. Meetings may be conducted via e-mail or conference call. Three or more members of the executive committee shall constitute a quorum.


These Bylaws may be amended by a majority vote of those present at any meeting providing the proposed changes have been made available to all members at for at least 30 days prior to the meeting.

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